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System Information Form Commercial

System Information Form Commercial

  • System Commercial Information Form

    For the commercial application of the C-Bond system, C-Bond provides a limited  year warranty to the original property owner (end-user). This warranty may be assigned to a new owner of the property by notifying C-Bond in writing of the assignment to the new owner including the name, address and a copy of the original invoice and warranty registration form.

    C-Bond warrants against visual peeling, cracking, de-metallization, crazing, bubbling, and delaminating. C-Bond warrants against any glass failure due to thermal shock fracture as a direct result of the application of the C-Bond system provided the failure is reported within the specied period:
    • Thermal failure –  years from installation date.
    If the product is found not to meet the warranty obligations, C-Bond will:
    • Replace C-Bond solution, C-Bond lm system of quality equivalent to the installed lm, and labor for replacement free of charge.
    • In the case of thermal failure, provide a replacement window and installation labor up to a maximum of . per window.

    Dealer has provided C-Bond warranty, warranty registration form and warrant claim form to customer.
  • Safety and Security Film System

    The C-Bond system is designed to improve glass resistance and hold the glass together during violent weather, accidents or attempted break-ins to protect furnishings or inhabitants from ying glass. Adding a professionally installed anchoring system between the glass and window frame helps to bond the glass to the window in order to prevent it from falling out during severe events. While the C-Bond system can provide signicantly increased protection for a property it cannot protect against all events.
  • Limitation of Warranties and Remedies
    The warranties stated herein are the exclusive oerings from C-Bond Systems LLC. and its authorized dealer. All limitations are dened within the C-Bond II System  Year End-User Limited Warranty and make no other express or implied warranties.

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