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City of Los Angeles

“Thank you and your company for your efforts to assist us in providing a safe and secure environment for elected officials, City employees and members of the public conducting business with local government at our facilities…Several other Departments have initiated the process to procure your services, including the Los Angeles Police Dept. and Los Angeles World Airports.”

  • Gary Newton – Chief of Police, Department of General Services

City of Los Angeles testimonial letter: Click here

Houston Airport System

“Thank you for your efforts at our George Bush International Airport and William P. Hobby Airport facilities… After conducting a thorough evaluation of your product’s capabilities, including results conducted by The Houston Police Department’s SWAT Team, we found your security product to be a unique and successful solution for our security needs.”

  • Frank Haley – Deputy Director, Public Safety and Technology

City of Houston testimonial letter: Click here


“We have found the product to be one of the best tested and known measures out there that can provide the protection we are seeking.”

  • Andre Laliberte – Global Manager, Facility Security

Halliburton testimonial letter: Click here

Highland Park ISD

“Highland Park Independent School District utilizes C-Bond technology as one of the many components in a larger system in order to provide safe and security learning environment for out students, faculty and staff…helping to insure that in the event of cirtical situation…we are prepared”

  • Mark Rowden – Chief of Police

Highland Park Independent School District testimonial letter: Click here

Texas Historical Society

“The proposed ballistic film is minimally visible and the project as described will have NO ADVERSE EFFECT upon this historic resource.”

  • Kelly Little – Project Reviewer

Texas Historical Society testimonial letter: Click here

Engineered Automation Systems

“The product received high reviews from a demonstration performed by a highly decorated Police Department and Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) division.”

  • Gregory W Brandon – Vice President Security Operations

Engineered Automation Systems testimonial letter: Click here

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