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C-Bond Systems is a nanotechnology solutions company focused on applications to enhance performance and safety across multiple verticals.

We have a strong intellectual property portfolio, consisting of 22 patents, patents pending, and patent licenses through Rice University, which was valued at $33.7 million by a leading global IP valuation firm. Our expertise and patented technology platform starts with strengthening brittle materials, with an initial focus on the $200 billion glass industry.

Our business operates in two main divisions: C-Bond Transportation Solutions Group and C-Bond Safety Solutions Group.

C-Bond Transportation Solutions flagship automotive product is C-Bond NanoShield™, a windshield strengthener that reduces cracks and chips in glass, to lower windshield replacement costs and increase safety. The Company also markets a suite of products that protect, clean and disinfect both the interior and exterior of your vehicle and other forms of transportation including aircraft and trains.

C-Bond Safety Solutions markets C-Bond BRS, a ballistic-resistant system that protects schools, government and other facilities and acts as a deterrent in the event of an emergency. The Company also  markets FN NANO, a photocatalytic coating that reduces the spread of pathogens in public and healthcare facilities.

Headquarters and Manufacturing

C-Bond Systems is headquartered in Houston, Texas, where it also manufactures in an 8,200+ square foot facility dedicated to commercialization and product development.

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