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C-Bond I and BRS are warrantied against visual peeling, cracking, de-metallization, crazing, bubbling, and delaminating. C-Bond I and BRS are warrantied against any glass failure due to thermal shock fracture or seal failure as a direct result of the application of the C-Bond I and BRS solution provided the failure is reported within the specified period.

C-Bond NanoShieldTM comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee that your windshield will not chip of crack under normal driving conditions for one year from application. C-Bond will pay for the repair or give your money back for the NanoShieldTM application up to the manufacturers suggested retail price.

NanoShieldTM Money-Back Guarantee

C-Bond refund policy applies to products applied through Authorized Service Providers within in the United States.

C-Bond I and C-Bond BRS Warranties



Limitation of Warranties and Remedies

C-Bond product warranties apply to customers within the United States.

Optional Warranty Coverage

C-Bond offers an enhanced Platinum Warranty to provide additional seal failure coverage to equal the existing customer window warranty. C-Bond offers an enhanced Platinum Choice Warranty to provide additional seal failure coverage to equal the terms of the existing customer window warranty and increase the glass coverage per window.

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