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MB-10 Tablets

“Vehicle EPA Registered Disinfectant for Humancorona Viruses SARS CoV-2”

What are MB-10 Tablets?

MB-10  has one of the broadest, most complete EPA registration labels on the market.  It is a, a safe, easy and effective way to disinfect a vehicle’s interior using an EPA registered disinfectant (Reg No.70060-19-46269) included on List N for use against human coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.  Proven effective against emerging viral pathogens, including enveloped and large and small non-enveloped viruses.


Benefits and Features

  • EPA registered
  • Disinfection of viruses & other pathogens, Including human coronaviruses, bacteria & fungi
  • Safe for skin contact & pets
  • Easy to apply (fast drying)
  • Low cost tablets convenient for shipping & storage
  • Protects without staining & discoloring
  • Non-hazardous & odor free

How Is MB-10 Applied?

MB-10 is easy to apply using a commercially available sprayer to effectively disinfect a vehicle’s interior, including the HVAC system. MB-10 provides fast-acting virus and bacteria protection that is safe for all vehicle surfaces including LED screens and electronics without leaving a residue or odor.

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