The C-Bond Technology is a direct result of nanotechnology engineering — the manipulation of atoms and molecules within matter for the purposes of yielding a desirable effect. In science, C-Bond is referred to as a disruptive innovation or a new product that creates a distinct and “unfair” market advantage.

C-Bond is a non-toxic, water-based “green” nanotechnology designed to significantly strengthen glass, increase glass flexibility and enhance the adhesion of glass-to-window film products. The unique qualities of C-Bond enable ordinary glass to dissipate energy by penetrating beneath the molecular surface and reconfiguring a hybrid spider web framework within the microscopic fibers of the glass structure. C-Bond has gone through several important formulary enhancements in order to further develop and optimize the technology.


The proprietary patent-pending C-Bond System provides an invisible protective “safety barrier” that is resilient to high impact force and severe stress environments. The unique properties of C-Bond also significantly enhance the adhesion of glass-to-window film products so in the event of impact, shards/pieces will be retained within the immediate area of the compromised glass surface.

The C-Bond System is the ONLY scientifically tested and commercially proven nanotechnology system to dramatically increase the strength, safety and protection levels of the glass unit in occurrences of hurricane, bomb blast, forced entry and ballistic threat environments.